H E L P - WDTVLiveHub data transfer to another WDTVLiveHub

approx 700GB which is going to take so long the world could be over by the time it finishes.

Has anyone else transferred all their data from one to another. WHat the best /qucikest way to do this. 

Driving me round the twist.  Does it for 2 hours then get all this nonsense with faults, cant transfer as sonme of it cannot be read yada yada yada. Tried USB TO USB no dice doesnt show up

Any ideas please

It may take too long to transfer 700 GB over the network, my advise is to have both hubs hardwired to the same router. If have an USB drive available you can use it to transfer the files between your hubs, it will be faster than doing it by the network.

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I’ve just realised the problem is that my stupid annoying F*** of a WDTVLiveHUb keeps rebooting - thats what the oroblem is. Cant get anything transferred wither via MacBook or directly between the two boxes cos my box keeps rebooting rebooting rebooting

Driving me insane