[GUIDE] Zoneminder - IP camera management

Several people are having issues with the available IP cam applications.

Here is a free, open source alternative: https://zoneminder.com/

You can install it with docker and SSH access.
Download and start the container

CID="$(docker run -d -p 80 quantumobject/docker-zoneminder)"

Get the port it is running on

docker port $CID 80

For me this shows

Browse to this port, e.g. http://<PRx100_ipaddress>:32769

Then I added a camera, in this example I’m using my phone with the “IP phone camera” app.
The camera app shows that the camera is running on
Open this address in a browser. Right-click on the camera field and inspect the html source.
It shows that the camera url is /videofeed

Now in the ZM interface, add a camera

  • in general, set source type: remote
  • in source, set hostname to the ip address of the camera, e.g.
  • in source, set port to 8080
  • in source, set base path to videofeed (or whatever your camera uses)
  • in source, set the height and width correctly (see values from html source)

The source becomes green if you did it right.

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For some reason, ZM is unable to start - getting Exited (1) status. Any ideas?