[GUIDE] TRANSMISSION 2.84 on mybooklive (02.43.10-048)


You need to download latest MyBook live firmware and install it again. Restoring to default settings will not do a trick.
Set up a Remote and Mobile access.

Reboot, verify if it works.

Install transmission. You are again no longer able to add new remote or mobile access, but previously set should work.


Lets see the error message from this line.

Follow this steps:

  1. You need to connect as root on your mybooklive
  2. Type and press enter:
    mkdir /shares/Public/tmpCompile
  3. Type and press enter:
    cd /shares/Public/tmpCompile
  4. Type and press enter:
    wget https://github.com/downloads/libevent/libevent/libevent-2.0.18-stable.tar.gz

This should show the error about step 11/22. Post it here


Hi proglin,
Thank you for your answer, this is the error message i have :

MyBookLive:~# mkdir /shares/Public/tmpCompile
mkdir: cannot create directory `/shares/Public/tmpCompileā€™: File exists
MyBookLive:~# cd /shares/Public/tmpCompile
MyBookLive:/shares/Public/tmpCompile# wget https://github.com/downloads/libev ent/libevent/libevent-2.0.18-stable.tar.gz
ā€“2019-01-14 10:03:29-- https://github.com/downloads/libevent/libevent/libev ent-2.0.18-stable.tar.gz
Resolving github.comā€¦,
Connecting to github.com||:443ā€¦ connected.
OpenSSL: error:1407742E:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert proto col version
Unable to establish SSL connection.

I hope to get this problem solved! :tired_face:


Same error.
Does anyone solve this ?


Thanks for your response. The problem is related with SSL connection. MyBookLive system is too old to allow new certificates system for SSL. Iā€™m going to see if there is an alternative. If there is one you will need to test for me because I donā€™t have mybooklive anymore :slight_smile:


Ok. I think there is a solution. You guys need to test and tell me if it works or where it fails (As I said: I donā€™t have this device anymore).

There a few more steps now:

  • create a folder inside your PUBLIC share:


  • Inside the tmpDL folder put this 2 files downloaded from:


  • So inside your PUBLIC/tmpDL folder you should see:


Now you follow the instructions from 1st post but change copy/paste code from step 4 by this one:



Hi Proglin!!

Thank you for your reply but always the same problem at the same step. I link the error message below.

MyBookLive:~# vi setup.sh
MyBookLive:~# chmod 777 ./setup.sh
MyBookLive:~# ./setup.sh
./setup.sh: line 1: https://pastebin.com/HiUgGtr0#!/bin/bash: No such file or directory
Welcome! Compile and Install Transmission 2.84
Created by Proglin v2015-09-10
Last Update: v2017-06-14
ALWAYS back up your data before proceeding.
This script was only tested with MyBookLive firmware 02.43.10-048
Your firmware version is: 02.43.10-048 Thu Apr 13 05:44:51 PDT 2017

NOTE from Author: I have not MyBookLive since 2016. Changes after 2016 are based
on user forum comments.

We are going to change some configs to install Tranmission
This process takes around 30 minutes. Are you sure? (Y/N)y

1/22 Configuring repositoriesā€¦ (part 1/3) OK!
2/22 Installing packagesā€¦ (part 1/7) OK!
3/22 Installing packagesā€¦ (part 2/7) OK!
4/22 Installing packagesā€¦ (part 3/7) OK!
5/22 Installing packagesā€¦ (part 4/7) OK!
6/22 Installing packagesā€¦ (part 5/7) OK!
7/22 Configuring repositoriesā€¦ (part 2/3) OK!
8/22 Installing packagesā€¦ (part 6/7) OK!
9/22 Configuring repositoriesā€¦ (part 3/3) OK!
10/22 Installing packagesā€¦ (part 7/7) OK!
11/22 Downloading sources of LIBEVENTā€¦The command failed, exiting.

However, I respect the step 4 as you said! :tired_face:
And also of course i created folders an put files into it!



I tested yesterday and it works perfectly.
Your error indicates that you are still on the old ā€œsetupā€ file.
Try to delete and rewrite it as indicating by modifying step 4


Your log have to show

  • Last Update v2019-01-30

This is the lastest script. You are running the old one as @zougor noticed