Guide to organising media

Hello all,

Got my WDTV Live last night and I’m really excited to retire my PS3 and laptop as my media players.

I would like to organise all my media on my NAS box, about 60gb mp3s and countless tv series and films. I thought rather than spend a week doing it and wish I’d done it differently I would ask for tips. I know this maybe a bit nerdy, but with so much media I am loathe to do it multiple times :slight_smile:

So far I’m dumping everything in my NAS root, which runs TwonkyMedia, and using that for the streaming. My folders are as follows

/ Music / Artist / Album / CD / Track Name

/ Music / Daft Punk / Alive 2007 / Robot Rock.mp3

/ Music / Various Artists / Compilation Name / CD / Track Name - Artist

/ Music / Various Artists / Pure Garage 2012 / CD1 / Do you really like it - DJ Pied Piper.mp3

/Video / Film name [quality] 

/ Video / Bullit 1080p.avi

/Video / Series / Season / Name [quality]

/ Video / Community / Season 1 / Community S01E01 720p.avi

I can’t remember if WDTV tells me the quality of a film when I’m browsing so the quality prefix maybe unecessary.

I figured put the folder.jpg in the mp3 file tags to keep the folders tidy. To this end I have started trialing different tag editors to start. So far I’ve used MP3 Tag, MediaMonkey and Tag&Rename.

Mediamonkey doesn’t seem to use FreeDB that I can see, so any multicd albums won’t be updated (Amazon only gives out CD1 track lists). MP3 tag can’t find my album but is probably ok. I quite like Tag&Rename but it’s a pain to edit cd compilations. Has anyone any recommendations please?

I think the movie sheets look amazing, and the themes developed here look really good against the stock theme I currently have. If there are any tools to help me achieve that please let me know.

Anyway bit of a boring post I know, but as I come across problems/fixes I’ll post them here and hopefully it’ll help someone else get organised.

Thanks all


I’ve used Tag&Rename to embed Album Art in the ID3 tag and I think every normal person sorts their media like you have done. The WDTV boxes will read em just fine the problem just comes in sometimes where unless you are using the Media Library feature it can get to be a pain in the butt when trying to play said MP3s or playlists. Playlists created on the PC wont work because they are in sub folders.

I’ve wanted to just do everything on in 1 large folder but that doesn’t work for other purposes. It seems that’s how WDTV would like it though.