Guide o advice on security

Hi folks,

I feel I’m finally getting to grips with MBL (I’m very new to NAS and networks) and getting it to do what I want.

I’m just concerned about security and I’d like to know more about it and its terminology. Also whether I should change any settings in the dashboard to make it safer.

I have googled a bit but so much seems different I wondered if anyone had written a guide or thread about how safe remote access is with MBL or any tips on making it safer.

I have enabled remote access and use an iPhone and Android tablet to access shares at home and while out.

I have also set up some web access accounts and plan to give one to family, one to a client of mine and one for myself. I plan to grab things out of the MBL’s folders while I’m at work, copy things in and allow other users to do similar.

I’m also looking at changing things a bit so I can restrict access to the public share so I have enabled ssh.

I’d like to find out more about FTP, ssh and SCP/SFTP and whatever else so I understand more what’s going on.

Can anyone point me  in the right direction?


Hello, WD2Go uses WebDAV as the remote access protocol, so the connection is encrypted. Basically as long as you secure your wireless connection you should be good.