[GUIDE] LazyLibrarian

Hello, i managed to install successfully Sickbeard, CouchPotato and Sabnzbd usign the guides in this forum, as i learned from the guides i installed LazyLibrarian (for Books) using the same technique,

Enter /usr/share

cd /usr/share

Download the latest LazyLibrarian source

wget https://github.com/itsmegb/LazyLibrarian/archive/master.tar.gz

Extract the archive

tar -xzvf master.tar.gz

Delete the archive

rm -f master.tar.gz

Move and rename the extracted folder

mv LazyLibrarian-master lazylibrarian

Enter the LazyLibrarian folder

cd lazylibrarian

Start LazyLibrarian

python LazyLibrarian.py --daemon

Now you can open LazyLibrarian from your browser

LazyLibrarian runs by default @ port 5299 at http://hostname:5299/home.

but here is my problem, i can’t  create the autostart file for init.d so i can autostart Lazylibrarian.

Is there anyone here that installed LazyLibrarian in his WD and created the init.d script can you please share it?

Thank you very much!

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There may be other user that can help you with this. Lets see what they will comment.