Guide - How to play mkv's on Twonky 5.1 (Including PS3!)

This is a workaround that definately works with Twonky and should work on any device that supports transport stream (.TS) files. I have tried all of the other solutions including renaming to .wmv but it simply did not work when streaming to my Samsung TV. This is hardly an ideal solution for those that have hundreds of mkv’s but will be ideal for when you want to watch the odd mkv file.

First off download the following files:




MKVToolnix is a command line tool so use MKVExtract in conjunction with MKVToolnix to get a simple UI. Open MKVExtract, add your mkv file and select the streams you want to extract. This should leave you with a h264 and ac3/dts files. Open tsMuxer, add the h264 and ac3 files and remux - its as simple as that. Each mkv should take around 15 minutes to complete start to finish and you can then copy it back to your my book for playback. If your media player does not support .ts files, you can remux to another format that your media player supports. I had issues remuxing to avi so was left to use .ts. This solution works perfectly on my Samsung TV & PS3 and I have remuxed 15-20 files so far and they all work perfectly and in sync. Since you are only remuxing the mkv’s, there is no transcoding required and no loss in quality.

I am unsure of what other formats are supported by Twonky for streaming but an easier method is to use MKVtoVOB to remux the MKV files w/o audio or video quality loss.