[GUIDE] How to disable Twonky Startup Content Scan and still retain new media detection

Note: This only works for Twonky Server 7.x

For those looking to stop twonky server startup scanning behavior in 7.x
and still retain detection of newly added media

There is a thread on the subject here


The short version of that is to add the following commands

-scantime 0 -forceinitialscan 0
sleep 5
wget -o /dev/null “

To the /etc/init.d/twonky startup script like the following


Tthe highlighted parts are where to put the commands

My example below, is not a stock script, so it will look different, but the command placement is correct

Your startup script is going to based on what guide you followed to upgrade twonky server on your nas

I follow this guide http://community.twonky.com/twonky/topics/how_to_upgrade_twonky_server_on_wd_mybook_live

There are also the ones on http://mybookworld.wikidot.com/forum:start

The above works as intended, no startup scanning
and any media added post twonky server startup
will be automatically added

There are two things to be aware of

any media added while twonky server is not running
will not be detected, and you will have to do a rescan
this shouldnt be a problem at all is it is set to run at startup

doing a server restart from the twonky gui or an rpc call
will not invoke the wget that sets scantime to -1
so it will go back to zero

if you do it from the shell “./twonky stop” and then “./twonky start”
then it that is the same as startup
and will get changed to -1 with the wget command

this will re-enable it if you have to restart from gui


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phibertron, very nice guide, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks nfodiz

I figured that this guide will help those looking to do this

as it was something I see asked all too often over on the twonky forums and community site