[GUIDE] Debrick MyBookLive v2.0

It does sound like some bad hardware then

I agree.  I think the controller is messed up.  What I need now is an empty 2 bay NAS unit with a reliable quality controller that I can plop these two 3TB drives into and make myself  a Raid redundant 3TB array.  Something I can count on.  Maybe a non Linux/ubuntu setup so I know the command line structure.  Maybe a Synology DS 213. Of course I need something compatible with these seagate drives.  Any suggestions?

Edit:  I just pulled the HDD out of the case and you could cook eggs on it.  The controller is doing something odd fir sure.  I’m not going to put it back together.  This HDD is too young to die.:wink:

Sounds like we could bbq us up a steak on that thing lol

Synology and QNAP seem to be popular amongst the NAS crowd…

“Sounds like we could bbq us up a steak on that thing lol”

For sure.  Just need some mesquite or hickory chips.:smileyvery-happy:

I’ve not heard of QNAP I’ll check them out too.

Hi !

Just dropping by to say BIG THANKS for this guide and your other guide to install Transmission.

I’ve just bought a 3TB WDL. Before, I followed some other guide in the 'Net about installing Transmission, and (not) accidentally, the install script updated apache2 and asked whether I would keep the old configs or not – like this guy ( http://community.wd.com/t5/My-Book-Live/I-just-broke-SSH-on-my-MBL-need-help/m-p/562687/highlight/true). 

And so I got “Your apache2 configuration is broken, so we’re not restarting for you”… Even worse, as I was searching for solution, later that day there is a power outage, and … the dreaded eternal yellow light comes.

Needless to say, then I followed this guide, and voila ! my MBL is back. Fortunately I haven’t had any datas inside yet :slight_smile:

(then I followed your Installing Transmission guide, and everything went smoothly)

Once again, BIG THANKS !



i already follow and now my book live is back again…tq for the info…

but i have 2 problem i wanna ask u…

  1. can i get my data back after debrick?

  2. why twonky directory cant found in my book live?i even cant switch to twonky using deb patch?can u help me in this problem?

As stated in the guide, it will delete your data because it writes the OS from the start of the drive to 10MB into the data partition. The data may be recoverable but you should have done that before you followed this guide

Not sure why Twonky is missing for you

about the data it ok…but can u help me to recover back twonky?i prefer to use twonky then wd media server/

Which disk image did you use? I will check it for Twonky. I think the Twonky folder resides in /CacheVolume

When installing the Twonky patch also make sure you did not rename it

Hi Guys,

Great Guide - but there are a lot of questions you are not answering… :



Do i install the img file with the dd if=/… text? OR Do i have to build the partiton table first?

why do i have to use  of=/dev/sda ? mustn`t it be sda 1 /2/3 or 4 ???

where do i get the partition structure of the mbl?

copying the img to sda ends with

4420+0records in

4420+0 records out

when i put the toshiba in the mbl hardware the disk boots up an the led is green and red… is it good?/right?  i cannot connect to the dashboard…

any ideas?


The image contains all partition info and writes it all to the new drive when you use the dd command to write the image to the new drive which is sda or sdb or sdc as it has no partitions yet.

It may not boot on an 80GB Toshiba drive. Wait for your RED to come and try again.

You should just RMA your old drive if it is still under warranty as the hard drive was bad. (3 yr warranty)

dude - you are simply gr8! followed your guide for a mybooklive 2TB. almost missed the thingy with resizing and the sata cable at the bottom. followed the second step. now my disk shows 2TB and i am more than happy! a very big thanks to you! 


When using this guide, I always ended with just one partition of 992 Gb and I am not able to resize it anyhow.

But it is normal, when using this command:

sudo dd if=mybook.img of=/dev/disk3 bs=1m

You just write the img in the whole device. how do you manage to keep the other partitions?


Using this guide, my 3tb drive ends up as a 992gb drive, even after a qucik factory reset. I’m just trying a full factory restore and will report back. If it doesn’t work, how would I go about recovering the remaining 2tb of disk space?

Thanks in advance.

I posted the terminal output using the first guide in that thread. This is the terminal output using this method.

root@sysresccd /root % mkdir /mnt/usb
root@sysresccd /root % mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb

Ntfs-3g: failed to Access volume ’ /dev/sdb1’ : no such file or directory

What can i do? My Thumbdrive is /dev/sdb1
Where can i get ntfs-3g??

Hi YumYum the same story to me, all beacuse installing Transmission.

Your apache2 configuration is broken, so we are not restarting fo your and now Im making que Debrick Procedure.

You say after this you Installed Transmission, wich guide is it?

Is it work correctly now?

Thanks in advance

Hi NFODIZ I have a 2tb mbl and im following your guide.

I just enter the last line of the Step 10.

And im stuck, i think that command have taken for more than 30 minutes without news.

is that normal?

thanks in advance

Guys this GUIDE its amazing, thanks a lot for NFODIZ, the procces is as you said.

Its perfect.

In step 10 maybe you should consider a note that mention something like this procces may take a while or something like that. It is just perfect.

Thanks a lot.

Now a have a question. All my problemas began when i tried to intall Transmit. In the procces of Installation in Putty it said "“Your apache2 configuration is broken, so we’re not restarting for you”.

Now, With this guide of the same Member that wrote this topic (NFODIZ).

Tranmission Guide

Its safe to install whith the current firmware? i wont get troubles like the first time, right?

I’m not 100% positive that my transmission guide will work on the newest firmware as I have yet to try the newest firmware. It is surely safer than using apt-get to install transmission though so I would say give it a shot. It uses optware which is less prone to changing system files on the MyBookLive

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