[GUIDE] Debrick MyBookLive v2.0

Wow old thread! I hope someone is still around that can help me.

I used Guide 2 on my 3TB MBL. I bought a new 3TB Red to use in it as that was what was in it from WD. Everything went well but I keep getting an error from the dashboard notifications that the SMART function isn’t working and to notify WD and the dash board indicate the drive is bad. This resets if I reboot the MBL but as soon as SMART message shows up the drive is indicated as BAD as in the picture.

This worked in my v1 guide so it might work for you :slight_smile:

If you get a smart fail error message in the dashboard then SSH into the drive using PuTTY or Terminal and run this command to fix it. Then do a short diagnostic test from the dashboard under utilities

smartctl -s on /dev/sda

Good luck

Man! What a fast reply! I will give this a shot. Not real handy at these command lines in, I guess linux, but I do have putty and will give it my best very shortly.

Thanks so much for the help, the guide and for still watching over this thread! I will return to express my success :slight_smile:

I have been away for quite some time and don’t tinker with the MBL anymore like I used to so I have forgotten most things in these old threads LOL. I do still have a MBL running over here with the original hard drive in it though! Hope the command fixes your issues flhthemi :slight_smile:

Do I need the MBL connected with cat5 directly to the PC to use putty? I have it up on the network with a static IP and tried but I keep getting a rejection “Network error: Connection Refused” via putty.

The MBL just needs to be connected to your network router/switch via CAT5. It sounds to me like you may not have SSH turned on in the dashboard.

To enable SSH load your MBL dashboard and add /ssh after the /UI at the end of the web address up top.


From there tick the SSH Access box to enable SSH. Note the username and password on the same page and use those in putty when requested.

User Name: root
Password: welc0me

That’s a zero and not a capital o in welc0me

Good luck


Short test is running!
Completed successful!
I hope I never see that SMART warning again! :slight_smile:

Great! I’m glad everything worked out. It’s crazy how much I learned messing with the MBL. It ended up being my gateway to setting up and administering remote servers generally running Ubuntu for years :slight_smile:

Take care!

Just letting you know…I would call it a fix! All is well this AM when I logged into the dashboard! So YIPPIE!

Thanks again for the How To and the help!

I have tried to follow this thread but got lost. I have a very old MBL that has a 2tb drive in it. I bought a 4tb NAS drive to put in it. I thought it had to be formatted ext3 or 4 and have it formatted ext3. Is it a matter of partitioning it to 3tb and dropping the 3tb image on it and then resizing it? I am a bit concerned that if I remove the 2tb drive that I will never be able to access it again and loose everything.

I have tried to backup the 2tb several times via Windows but no matter what version of Windows I used or what computer the copy would fail long before all files were copied.

Is there a guide for setting one up for 4tb and larger?

Thank you.

If you pull the 2TB drive just DO NOT do anything to it and then you can put it back in the MBL later and it will work. But if you do ANYTHING to it you’ll probably mess it up.

I tried that 4TB conversion on my 3TB (Original size of MBL). I think I did it but I was getting the same SMART error on the 4TB as on the NEW 3TB. That SSH cmd fixed my 3TB I’m pretty sure it would have fixed the 4TB issue I had but I didn’t know about it at the time.

If you’re as lucky as I was, nfodiz will pop in here and solve all your problems :slight_smile:

I gave My Book to a Computer Tech who said he has retrieved before, he returned it to me and said it was dead, nothing he could do about it.
I have another drive I used for recording of the cable box but not longer use, thought I could use the bd. of it.
When I plugged the drive as you see it here, it in fact does spin up!
But I cannot see the contents of the drive, even when I use disk Internals Linux reader-
Can anyone suggest a way I may be able to get the data off this drive beside taking it a recovery site?
Thanks in advance

I have been through the guide successfully until step 12. But when I connect the disk to the home network again, it does not show up on the network. A green light is blinking at the back, showing network activity. I have searched for it without Advanced IP Scanner but without success.
Any hint about what I can do?
The old drive was a WD Caviar Green of 2 Tb from 2011. It has some 76 (4C exactly) errors and is now in a computer with some data on it (I have a backup of these data in case of a disk malfunction).
The new disk that I put in the MyBookLive is a WD Blue from February 2017.


I’ve got a bricked MyBook LIve 2TB. It started clicking and fairly quickly stopped working and showed a solid red light. I can’t access the UI. The lights on the back indicates network access is fine.

I’ve tried to debrick by MyBook Live as the run through here: http://mybookworld.wikidot.com/mybook-live-debricking-guide-osx-and-windows

This seems essentially the same directions as this thread, just via mac+ubuntu.
It all seemed to work, but when I removed the HDD from the USB caddie and put it back into the NAS, I go the same red light, click and couldn’t access the UI.

I tried changing the power supply to a different one (with the same ratings), the click disappears, but I still get the red light and can’t access the UI. The lights on the back indicates network access is fine.

When in the USB caddie, I can see files in the Ubuntu file browser, and the disk recognises it has some 500GB+ of data. But I can’t find my data, only what appear to be system folders/files.

As far as I’m aware the HDD wasn’t encrypted, but was partitioned into if I remember correctly 4 partitions, only 1 of which I really want to recover. I see one partition when accessing via the USB caddie, and this seems to report the right amount of storage used.

What am I missing?

Do I need to plug the disk into a new NAS enclosure? If so which one will work?

I’d be more than content to lose the NAS functionality if there is a way to access the files through a non-NAS enclosure if that makes things easier.

Also: Is it worth pursuing this further if I think most of the valuable data is backed up elsewhere, but am not 100% certain?

Big thanks.

I tried the second guide with 3tb image for 4TB HDD and 6TB HDD but didn’t work either one.
once I successfully finish with steps in systemrescue part and place either 4 or 6tb HDD in MBL it starts with blue light goes to orange light sits like that for few min and than again goes to blue for few second and orange again, so sort of loop. I’ve read that some have applied your guide to 4tb HDD and worked without problem.
I tried also cloning partitions from it’s original 1tb hdd that is still working fine on to new 4tb HDD and resized data partition, but still did not work. is there a problem with the size of the HDDs? why wouldn’t it work?

How do I know if the version of my device is v1 or v2?

Hi @nfodiz

Thanks for elaborate guide, however I’m having a problem when I’m trying to replace my 2TB drive, I hope you could spare some time and guide me where I’m going wrong.

Here are the details.

I have a MBL 2TB and the original hard disk failed. I have a 1TB Hard Disk with me, followed the details from V2 and boom, it worked fine. Since, I wanted more storage, I bought a 2TB drive and followed the same process, however, when I boot it up, it gets stuck on the yellow light forever. My router also does not assign an ip address.

When I check back in Gparted, I see that the v2 procedure it has created many other partitions and 1TB of ext4 partitions and 1TB of unallocated partition (which I know which would be expanded, once the MBL boots up fine).

I retried with my the 1TB hard disk and it worked fine again.

Could you tell me what I’m missing? Is there some place where I can go and look for logs and share them with you to help me debug?


I have a problem.

I followed the V2 guide but after copy mybook.img, I can’t reach the dashboard cause the MBL doesn’t get an IP!! The light is red also…

How can I do!?

First of all: many thanks for your guide, it brought me quite along.
I’ve an MBL 2TB with a dead HDD and try to unbrick it with a spare 1TB WD HDD I had by chance.
Everything worked fine (I had to use an old v7.0 image of the RescueImage to fit on a 700MB CD), partitions looking exactly as expected.
BUT: the MBL does not boot anymore. The LED is (and stays) blue, HDD is running, ethernet port is blinking away, but no green LED, and of course no IP assigned to it by the router.
First idea was that an 2TB MBL wasn’t capable of a 1TB HDD, but jonesthadi managed exactly that.
Any ideas?
Used MBLs come around 20 EUR here, it isn’t save anymore anyway, and I already bought a new Ultra with RAID1 (to avoid losing data to a single wrecked HDD), so I won’t invest that much time, but I feel like being in the final lap …

Short update: I just tried it with a spare Seagate (sic!) HDD. It still does not work (what I expected), but the LED is now red after some minutes instead of blue. So in principal the board seems to work and respond differently to a Seagate than the expected WD HDD.