Guest v Registered User?


Have just got My Cloud Home up and running, and am successfully (it seems) backing up my macbook pro. However, I’m a “Guest”. Does anyone know what is the significance of accessing the server as a Registered User rather than as a Guest? Also, how do you set yourself up as a Registered User?

Have to say, I’ve burnt quite a few hours on this already so any assistance will be very greatly appreciated.



Its not about the Time Machine Backup, I just want to browse my folder in My Share Folder in Finder (mac). How to get / register username (not email) and password in My Cloud Home?


I’ve been looking for an answer to this question and this is the 4th post I’ve come across with absolutely no answer. WD, is this something the device is capable of or not? I’m very close to just returning this device because it’s been really frustrating to use. How am I suppose to manage my files if I can’t navigate to them? How do people sign in as a registered user? You guys have to make this simple.