GSpeed Q reformatting in Sierra 10.12.2 - 04/18/17

I have two brand new GSpeedQ 16TB (R5) out of Box and I wish to reformat them but when I attempt in MacOSX 10.12.2 disk utility both units are no longer readable and want to be initialized. Whats the best way to format the GSpeeds? I don’t have the ability to change my operating system.

Why did you want to reformat them? Out of the box they are already formatted for Mac OS and RAID5.

Wanting to be initialized means they need to be formatted. So you would need to go into the Disk Utility and select a drive and click Erase, use the default settings of Mac OS Extended Journaled and GUID partition map.

It is standard practice on High End Digital Motion Picture projects to reformat a RAID upon purchase as their maybe a potential for fragmentation. Do you agree? Yes it is preformatted (March 2016 maybe earlier) but when changing from RAID5 to RAID0 you would know that one has to reformat the RAID again. This was my issue.

I discovered that the issue was a incompatibility with MAC OS X Sierra 10.12.2 Disk Utility not allowing me to reformat in Disk Utility. My guess is it has to do with the GSpeed Q RAID controller (March 2016) when reformatting as I was able to reformat in MacOSOX 10.9.5

Maybe a great future practice to put that incompatibility on the box or legacy products or better yet the quick guide?

Please test and let me know what you discover? I got 6x16TB Speed Q’s on my current project.