Groups and Users

Question: What rights does the user account need to have if the Group account they are a member of already has all the rights to the shares? Must the user also have the exact same R/RW privileges as the group? The explanations in the manual are not at all clear on properly administering access rights among users and groups.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Each user besides the Admin can have read only, read/write, or no access privileges assigned to a Share.
However, if they are already in a Group, everyone will have the same privileges to the Shares except when it’s made Private by the Admin.

Hum. Still not clear. If user1 has no RW to a share, but is a member of a group that does, what will the user1 rights be?

I create a group of several users. The group has read and write access to the target share. However, each user does not have access to the target share. Windows 10 does not allow access even though the group grants access to the users RW to the share. I had to eventually set all the users to RW access to the share and delete the group. It seems groups are useless.