Grid view of WDTVLive - possible for WDTVLive Streaming?

I really liked the browser grid view of my old WDTVLive - I made jpeg thumbnails for my movies and folders and they were displayed just like a bunch of movie posters on a wall.

With the WDTVLive SMP, it seems the closest I can get is the view where a rectangle is displayed, the poster/thumbnail on the left and a text box beside it with the name of the movie.

Is there a way or a theme where I can have the “posters on a wall” look on this media player?

Thanks for your time

Try searching for the answer in the Live Hub theme section, most of the themes are compatible with the wdtv SMP.


The attached link is to a theme that will just change the current movie to a poster/thumb wall.  It does not change any of the other parts of the theme:

Video Wall

You can see a preview of the video/thumb change here:

Video Browse

The preview image is the one titled “Video Browse”.

Good luck.