GRID UI totally indecipherable

I just don’t get it.  There’s a front page with a limited selection of Apps and no place to access the contents of your media library.  Where do you do that? (and how do you edit that front page to show any of it there)

I found and double checked the media library area under settings and that all looks correct. But where you actually access the media from in that theme?  No clue.

There’s already about 15 threads about this… I guess a 16th won’t hurt… :wink:

Open the Services by clicking the bell icon. Find Videos app. Select it.

You can add it to your home screen by pressing OPTIONS-> Add shortcut to home page.

Oddly enough, I’d actually looked there, saw Downloads and Music, but somehow missed Videos.

Even with those two I had no idea that the OPTIONS button now actually did something somewhere now!  I’m used to it being kind of useless!


I comiserate with u completely - I didnt spot them either until I spied an example screenshot which had Videos shortcut on so I rumaged around a bit further.

Because the “system shortcuts” (Videos, Music, Downloads etc) are burried with everything else under All Apps, u miss them. They need a “Systems” category but I guess no rooom down the side bar!

There are some Help videos… but only accesible off the Help shortcut so a bit “chicken and egg” here!

Maybe the first time u choose new Grid view, it should auto populate with all the system shortcuts for u to remove the ones u dont want. Or it could ask u if u want to do this, first time only. Or maybe off a menu option anytime: “Add All Missing System Shortcuts”. But this is the least of their problems with masses of MP4s not playing/becoming music files!

As an aside: have u noticed that Favourites has been remapped to"Add shortcut to Home" but still uses same red heart icon on menu and on file tiles. But when u want to remove shortcut, which u can now on a menu, u see a different icon. A wastebin I think. mmm inconsistant, says me the UI pedant in me.

Also, as so many mp4 vids don’t play, I wanted to mark them for future watching when new firmware arrives but cannot move them to a folder. So decided to use the old “Queue” function which u used to view off the Dashboard under Mochi. No dashboard queue shortcut under Grid of course. But found out a) u can select only queued sources within Video and b) also u can still choose Dashboard for a remote control button. It doesnt work off Home screen, but it still popps up when in Videos display! A feature or a bug? I cannot decide. But it made me laugh.

AlcAm wrote:


Maybe the first time u choose new Grid view, it should auto populate with all the system shortcuts for u to remove the ones u dont want. 

It sort of does do this…  Any factory-defaulted system will have them in the Grid already.

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Ahh that makes sense for new boxes too which arrive in effectively Factory reset state. I assume by default Grid is selected too. But they are stopping selling WD Live from what I have seen so most users will be us old fogies with 3 y of Live boxes. Well its done now, so too late to improve Grid behaviour now.

I try to avoid Factory resets where possible. An extra hard restart after a firmware upgarde is certainly worth it. Usually I wait to see if any issues I’ve seen need a reset by reading victim reports on here first! If the MP4 playing bug went away with a FR I’d be doing it right now…

Rather than a short cut to the video option, I added short cuts to my media directories. I then changed my old dvd cover style ‘folder’ jpegs to movie back drops, after adding text. for example these are the folder.jpg entries for my movie and tv directories that show up in my home page.



Plain jane admittedly and most can do much more elaborate than I, I am sure.

clever betamaxman

I’d emulate that, but I am SO agonizingly displeased with the instablility of the latest firmware, I’m likely to struggle through the process of backing the update out when I next have the time.

The new interface isn’t worth the endless freezes, the remote continuously double or triple registering button presses, and all of the other problems.

TonyPh12345 wrote:
There’s already about 15 threads about this… I guess a 16th won’t hurt… :wink:

A sign of a bad UI.