Grid Home Screen Tests


I have done a couple of grid home screens if anyone would like to try them out, all three use vertical text labels and use linksheets. I have tried to do the XBMC home screens of Refocus, Breeze and Confluence.

I have also changed the dashboard_list.xml and dashboard_grid.xml (blue button) to look like the grid home screen that I have done and the other as close I can get to the new WD grid home screen. The dashboard with the linksheets are slower than the grid home screen, I had to use @@dashboard_title1_# instead of @@app_subtitle to get them to work. I cannot find the thumbnail images for videos, music and photos on the new WDTV so the grid dashboard looks alot better on the WDTV Hub.

I don’t know how to display the text labels for the services on the grid home screen, so they are all blank. But they are displayed on the dashboard versions.

The grid home screens can only be viewed on the new WDTV and the SMP with the new firmware. The dashboard’s (blue button) can be viewed on WDTV, SMP and the Hub.

I have a WDTV Live Hub with firmware 3.12.13 and a WDTV with firmware 1.00.42.

Stephen. (1.7MB) (1.75MB) (1.78MB)

The screenshots in the first column is the grid home screen and the second column is from the dashboard (blue button).







The screenshots below is of the grid dashboard (blue button). The first is from the WDTV Hub and the second is from the new WDTV.



I really like where this is going. Keep it up!