'Grey' Features of the Hub

I am learning quickly…although a great device in a number of ways…there are glaring omissions or dare I say some ‘grey’ features present in the hub.   You know…listed on the box, but in practice does not function as generally expected by the community.

I offer the following as the start of a list of potential shortcomings experienced during my pilgrimage to making the hub just that…my go to device that everyone can use.

Movie Meta Data scrubbing and handling of genre / movie information - Symptom: Only displays text from xml file…does take it in as a variable that can be searched properly.  Have to individually download meta data for each movie.

GB Ethernet  Connection speed - Generally accepted max of  around 10MB/s based on limitations of the chipseet.  Definately not ‘normally’ accepted GBit performance.

Rating System - Star ratings are randomly lost for good.  So what’s the point?

Youtube - We have all seen the message that this video will not play on this device.

Now don’t get me wrong…there is more I like about the box sitting in front of the device that I dislike, but when I pickup the remote and start using the device for content stored on the unit…I feel like it’s an epic fail.   Anyone else discovered some ‘grey’ features we should be aware of?

The only one I don’t agree with you is YouTube since it’s exactly the same for devices other than computers, and even in your computer you get restricted by country.

I am going to once again jump on my playlist bandwagon it is suppost to support M3U files in which it does sort of. The playlist will restart after 60 ish titles back to the beginning and as of the latest firmware it won’t work at all. This is huge for me I have alot of movies on alot of drives and to have a playlist of all my movies is nice to have when browsing for one. Then the fact that the search function is for hub fetched content only add to my playlist pain