Greetings from a home network admin!

Hello and greetings from a home network admin.

Being a home network administrator, my networking knowledge is somewhat limitied. Although, I’m a step or two up from being a fresh newcomer.

Since around this time 3 years ago, I’ve owned a WD product. I’ve known of Western Digital for years, but never had the need for any of its products unit it came time to convert a large media collection of a relative and place the resulting data onto a mass storage device. Today, that MyBook drive I purchased holds the entire collection and I keep it offline to preserve it. A full copy of the entire collection sits on another MyBook drive I have actively running on my network. Also, a thrid copy resides on a MyCloud drive for use by my family (as well as myself via the household Roku streamer).

Western Digital  has very decent consumer products. Although, I would fuss and complain of the fact that there is no love for Linux users such as my household. Microsoft and Apple are not the end-all be-all of personal computing. And, there would be a huge appreciation from our household if there were ever to be dedicated Linux based software for its products (big dreams, there XD ). Although, the products work on Linux and working with them through that platform all work fine.

I’ve had my MyCloud drive for about a little under two years. I had issues (which I can’t remember what they were, it wasn’t overly important), but those passed. I started up a community login, but the e-mail address associated with it doesn’t exist, anylonger. So, I created this new one vecause I can force a password reset on it without that address working.

I browse the forums, though I never really have anything to contribute. So, I’m around, though I’m pretty silent. I’m usually on the lookout for ideas or whatnot.

I just intalled the 3.0 OS on the MyCoud and the aesthetics are, certainly, appealing. Functionality is really no different and I can work within the drive on Linux (Linux Mint, actually) without issue. One aspect I wish I could to is to map into the unit as a device rather than a network device into my specific user share. Mapping in via Network is a hair annoying. Though, when I look at precisely how often I’m going to be going into it through my PC, it’s really not a bother. It’s not overly difficult to get in there.

My extended family members don’t use the drive, at all, to my knowledge, but I pay that no mind as I have no concern about it. I set them up and assigned permissions for each. I did my part and will help out should any of them ask.

Meanwhile, I’m using it to stream media content through my Roku onto my TV. Household members think I’m some sort of computer genius. I just refer to some great parental advice I received a long time ago, “Read the instructions.” Of course, being a Linux user, I did a little more than just that.

So, hello, everybody! You may see me around once in a while. Though, you may not. I pretty much let what be do just that… be.


Welcome to the Community!

it’s awhile since I last read a User presentation thread, and these are always welcome since they usually represent the beginning of a long (And helpful) post history. Stay around for awhile, and share your experience with others :slight_smile:

I found it so valuable ,thanks for the share.