Green WD20EARX in unknown enclosure not recognised (Windows 8)

Hi all,

I’m far from a tech head but can do very basic stuff. About 3 months ago my Green WD hard drive enclosure stopped working. I pulled it out and connected it to my parents Win XP PC via the sata cable and it picked it up no worries at all and could move my files around.

I’ve since moved away and tried plugging it into my HP desktop via sata cable again but it won’t recognise it at all. It doesn’t show up in disk management or drivers at all.

I then tried an enclosure. It’s an unknown brand but is brand new and looks the goods. It powers the HDD and all but again the HDD won’t show up on my computer, disk management or drivers…

I’m now running out of ideas to get it to work. The HDD is 2TB and model WD20EARX-00PASB0.

My desktop has a 3tb seagate HDD installed in the case and there is no more room to fit the WD inside the case.

Anyone have ideas on how to get it to work?

I have about 1.8TB of TV shows and movies on there that I’d rather not lose…



This is a Advanced format drive and it is possible that is why it is not recognized when used with the enclosure.

Take a look at the link below for more information.

Installing an Advanced Format WD drive into a third party USB enclosure 

Installing a WD SATA, SAS, or PATA drive in an external USB/NAS enclosure or Personal Video Recorder