Green Tint on Screen

I am not technical at all here just before I begin!

I am at college and have a little Samsung TV that my dad linked up to a WDTV Live Hub Media Center which has a few films on it. It has worked perfectly however I came back to college after Easter break, set everything up exactly the same but the TV screen has this fluorecent green tint…we have tried different cables but eventually changed to an identical duplicate of the WDTV Live Hub and the duplicate works but the other one still doesn’t…it has a green tint from the moment it starts up…any ideas?


Which firmware? 

I have no idea!

What happened?

Turned on TV and WDTV live hub, green tint on screen.

Does this happen everytime?


The problem could be with the TV.  Tune in a channel or something other than WD hub and see what happens.  Possible that the TV tint control is not right.

Did you tried hard reset?

Turn it on and when green screen appears, press reset button that is located on the bottom of the Hub.

What connection on the Hub are you using to connect to the TV?


B) Yellow, Red and White connections (Composite connection)

C) Blue, Green and Red (Component connection)

Rear of Hub

Back of Hub.jpg

Make sure connections on both the TV and the Hub are correct (colors on BOTH devices match the cable color) and tight

Open your settings menu to Audio/Video Output and make sure that it is properly set to match the type of output you have used to connect the TV.

There is a link you can cut/paste from the bottom of this post to the owners Manual.See Page 172