Green screen!

Hi all

Just purchased a WD TV Live and have it connected to an old CRT TV via composite video cable (yellow/red/white) on PAL setting. Got it connected to the router via WiFi and services seem to be running OK. Also took the opportunity to update the firmware which seems t have gone OK as well.

However, one thing is causing great annoyance - when I start it up the picture has a nasty green tinge. This stays for some minutes before seemingly sorting itself out and returning to the normal colours (though it can drop back to green on occasion). There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it - any ideas?



Reset to factory defaults and see if that cures it.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go - though the problem was there straight out of the box so I would be suprised if that was it.

Have you used the composite connection on your TV before getting your player? It could be that there is something up with the TV. Can you try it on another TV?

I am trying to connect my WD TV LIve product to an CRT TV set but it does not work .  It works fine on a HD TV using HDMI but it is not possible to change the video output to composite PAL using the composite cable. I tried another cable but with no success.  The video input on the CRT TV is correct as far as I know. Can you help me out?