Green light constantly blinking normal?


It appears for months that the green light of the My book live duo is constantly blinking. I read in the manual that a blinking green lights means it’s writing or reading data on the hard disk. However, even when my PC is switched off, the attached WD TV Live hub or Sonos system is not even used, it still gives blinking green light, instead of constant green or blue light. Does anyone know what might be the problem? The hard disk is also making a quiet noise and the wd live book duo gets warmer, so I figure the hard disk is constantly in use.

Thanks for the help and/or tips.


Hello, the Green light will also blink when the My Book DLNA server is indexing the files. 

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Well, the indexing does only happen once a week or on demand, so normally it wouldn’t be an issue…

Now I notice I can’t hardly open my Itunes library (the songs are on the WD Live Duo)…It is taking ages to load Itunes now…

It is probably related with SMB daemon which was reported two weeks ago to WD (see topic “MyBookLive Duo constantly needing reboo”). My MBLD still has exactly the the same symptoms.