Green Light blinking for a month now WD tech says it OK. Appears to have stopped backing up SOME

The green light has been blinking for 2 weeks.  I ran the short test and long test.  I have tried to reboot the unit.  I have uninstalled WD software and reinstalled.  Should I worry???



The unit might be indexing the files is you have a lot of pictures.

For testing purposes, can you turn the media library off to see if the unit is indexing files?

Also could be someone accessing the unit remotely. For testing purposes, disable the remote access to see if it keeps blinking.

I have turned off all media services that I know of.  Twonkey is now off.  I tunes was off.

I uplugged the ethernet cable for a day, that I would think would stop all inbound & outbound traffic.

I have run short and long test.  The short test would get to 90% and restart then finish.

I have sent to WD a diagonstic event log.

I recived this email from WD:

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support.  My name is [Deleted].


After reviewing the information from your e-mail request, a blinking green light makes reference to the device being active in one or more background process over the network.


Given the results explained over the e-mail, even though the unit is not interacting with the computer or a media device, it is possible the unit is indexing the information stored on it by the Media server or the device remote access is being active for upcoming request that might go to the unit at any time.


As this behavior is normal on the unit, in order to troubleshoot and test the unit, it is advisable to disable the services for remote access and media server and wait 20 minutes in order to verify if the unit will go to sleep mode.


In case it does not work, then it is advisable to perform a diagnostic on the unit in order to verify if an error message is displayed.


If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.




Western Digital Service and Support

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He says it is accessing the network.  How could it access the network when detached from the network???

He also say to disable the media servers.  Well that too did not fix it.

Still blinking.

Anybody have any better ideas???


John G