Green Led but can't acces over my Network!

Hi there, 

I’ve been looking around for few hours but i cannot get with an answer that solves my problem.

I have a MBL 2 Tb, and it has been working great for more than a year now. Suddenly, i can’t reach any of the folders shared on my local network at home, and not even it’s mounted on Finder.

I tried to plug directly the device on my laptop over ethernet, and then it was accessible, but when i link it to my router, i doesn’t work anymore.

When de device is unplugged from any ehternet end, the green led turns into red (is that a tip?)

I don’t thing it’s a network problem, 'cos i still can’t acces other computers we have at home, and i have Lan internet on my desktop, so…

I don’t know…does anyone have any clue about it??

Thank you and waitting for your help!!!


I am having the exact same problem. Seems like a few people had this happen in the last week or so. I can’t see it on the network when plugged into the router, but can with ethernet cable plugged into laptop.  If you get a solution can you please let me know…it’s driving me nuts.

if you can access it with your laptop then set a static ip address and plug it back into your router if typing in \mybooklive doesnt work try the ip address you assigned  

Example: \

Not sure how to do that…I will tinker with it when I get home. Doesn’t it ask for like MAC address or other stuff, other than just an IP?

nope just put two back slashes and the ip address in the address bar and that should do it. if you don’t know your devices ip address just ping mybooklive on the command prompt