Green image on an mkv film


i am a new owner of a wd hd media player gen 1(firmware 1.03) ,on an mkv film i 've a green image so i have to fast forward one second and play again to get good image this occurs a few times in this movie only ! i read the film on my computer and I haven’t this problem ! is this a bug  of the firmware ?

with all my consideration !

If this only happens with one file…I’d say the way that the file is encoded is slightly different than your other files. It’s also possible that there is some error in the file that your PC handles just fine (I don’t know if there is error correction buit into codecs) but the WDTV barfs on.

In principle, if it works on your computer, then it should work on the WDTV because a codec is a codec. In practice though, there are a whole slew of things that are interpreted correctly on a PC but not on the WDTV.

I have the very same problem , I play MKV files and for no reason the screen just goes green , I have sneaking suspicion however that i think it may be the external drive Im using , I will try another and post back my results.