Green Drives in an External Enclosure - NOT RAID

I am planning on putting two 2TB WD20EARS in an external enclosure connected to my MacBook Pro via FireWire 800. I am setting up the drives as independent drives with NO hardware or software RAID. Will I have a problem with these drives being dropped from the enclosure like if it was a RAID array, and would I have problems with the drives parking excessively because of their Intellipark system? I know that WD does not ensure the operation of these drives in a RAID setup, and I do not know if this includes two drives in an enclosure originally made for a RAID 1 array (the enclosure is the OWC Mercury Elite-AL Dual Drive Enclosure). I have heard about people having problems with these drives, and also about how they have fixed them by changing the idle time and other things using small utilities. Unfortunately, all these utilities are for Windows, and I cannot use them. I pretty much want to know if I should go with these large, inexpensive, economical drives, or if I need to purchase RAID class drives?

I hope you have the user manual of the drive enclosure. Make sure to read it carefully before you do anything. Enclosure may have either RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration built in. Further, picking Green drives for your app is bad idea for your application. You’ll be better off with Caviar Black instead of green once.

I need exact model number of your external enclosure and OS info, if you need further help.

The Advanced Format drives (???EARS)  can be “problematic” in enclosures.  Read the the enclosure manual(s) so as to make sure they can handled the Advanced Format drives.

The enclosure (OWC Mercury Elite-AL Dual) supports RAID 0, Independent (JBOD), and SPAN, and I will only be using the drive for storage and occasional media playback. I do not want to buy Black drives because they are more expensive, and I am limited by the 100 MBps bottleneck of the FW800 port anyway. The enclosure supports the Samsung Spinpoint F4EG, which is also an advanced format drive. I just want to make sure that the the power saving qualities of the green drives will not cause problems in an external exclosure. 

OS: OS X 10.6

Enclosure model: OWCMEPT934AL2C

It can be found at:

Some Green drives are notorious for involuntary spin down/head park and reluctant to obey system power control commands. Not all the Green drives are same. I’ll stick to my previous post contents and wish you use black instead of green. I understand price point matters to you.

If Caviar Blacks are out of your price range, consider Caviar Blues.  They should be “cheaper” but not have the Green power down issues.

It is not just that the Black drives are more expensive, they also run hotter and make more noise due to their higher rotational speed. I don’t want loud drives in an external enclosure on my desk. Also, Blue drives currently max out at 1TB, and I need at least 2TB of space on the drives.