Green blinking and not discovered on network


I have a Live Duo part number wdbvht0040jch-00.  I can’t find my original box or other documentation to figure out which model number this is… space, etc.  It was working fine until it ran out of space since I didn’t set up the backups properly.  I didn’t do anything with it for several months, just left it plugged in and turned on.  A few days ago I had sort of a network emergency and unplugged the ethernet cable to interrupt access to someone that was possibly on my network who I didn’t wan there.  

When I plugged the cable back in I now have a constant blinking green light and no access in windows explorer.  I can’t get the discovery software to see the drive at all.  I’ve tried cutting the power to it, using the reset button, plugging it into a different port in my switch, plugging it directly into my router, etc and nothing has worked.  I read posts about plugging it directly into a computer but then I find posts that say it’s not designed to attach directly and it will not work that way. 

So I have a constant green blinking light and no network discovery.  Any ideas?

When I got up this morning now the light is a steady blue light.  I didn’t do anything other than attach a new passport to my computer to try to do my backup since this drive wasn’t working.


Make sure the drive is plugged in to a wall outlet, avoid any extension cords, power strips and surge protectors.

Also try again resetting the drive.

If this still not working then I recommend you contact support directly

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