Great rma service

Yes… you heard it right… And m taking all the pain to type everything using a virtual keyboard(app. one keystroke/sec), since my keyboard stopped working, just to get the message across to everyone out there looking for feedback.

I got no words to describe their hospitability, atleast over here, in India. My 160gb broke down & i dutifully registered on their website. The courier-boy gave me a call the next day, got my location, knocked on my door within the hour or two & took my hdd away. I thought it would atleast take a month or two.

To my surprise, i got a call the next week for a new hdd. This time, it had gotten bigger… 250 gb.

And was i exhilarated or wat?

Oh! i got better things to do than typin on the screen… …

you are very lucky, I bought a 4TB mybook world and almost 3 weeks later I am still sat here with a broken drive waiting for a replacement. with no idea on when a replacement drive may come to me. All their system states is that the drive is delayed.

I guess the tip is dont buy any high end WD drives as they cant support those but the smaller drives which have been about for years are worth having as they can support those.

Very poor service for me.