Great opportunity for Western Digital

Well, years has passed and WDTV stills one of the best media players in the market. At least it have the best picture.
I have AppleTV 3rd, 4th, nVidia SHIELD Android TV and I can say none of these players are capable to handle YCbCr and they have poor image quality.

If the Western Digital decided to launch an updated version of this device, it would gain in quality of all competition and there are only a few small points to that which I believe Western Digital would be able to develop easily.
I believe you are passing up a great opportunity to make a difference with a product that although old persists in the market today.


Hello, thank you very much for sharing this information, there is a on going thread talking about different devices that could substitute the WD TV as your preferred media player.

Which devices? Can you list them?

Because all devices I see have issues, they are incompatible with some formats video and audio they don’t have the same picture quality comparing with WDTV.
I tried a few of them, the only good thing is 5Ghz and 4k support the rest of it I can do with WDTV Live and I CAN’T DO IT with this “devices”.


Agreed. I am sticking with my WD TV box because I still play AVI files on it, as other mainstream devices like this do not support it.

My Raspberry Pi 2, happily plays and supports AVI files :slight_smile:

I need something with digital optical and can support USB as well.

Me too …

That’s why i bought a HDMI to Optical (Toslink) Adaptor for $20 … until i save up money to upgrade my AV Receiver to one with HDMI Input

And … Yes, Raspberry Pi 2’s and 3’s Support Bus Powered Portable USB Hard drives as well,
(with a 5V 2.5A PSU) … in case you did’nt know that :slight_smile:

Tested with 1TB, 2TB Portables and 3TB and 4TB External Desktop HDD … All, OK

Is this device capable to work in 5Ghz? YCbCr? HD Audio (DTS and Dolby)?


i don’t use or need WiFi … picture looks just as good as the WDTV (edit: yes, hdmi_pixel_encoding) … i don’t use or need HD Audio

so … dunno, try gOOgle


This product has been dead for 2 years. WD got creamed by Roku and Chromecast. Roku with free Plex can do want 95% of the streamers out there want.

This product has been dead for 2 years.
And still have the one of best picture quality of all the media players in the market

WD got creamed by Roku and Chromecast.
Maybe is true for Roku, I never saw one. But Chromecast? Please…

Roku with free Plex can do want 95% of the streamers out there want.
I don’t know Roku, it is capable to convert or read or play YCbCr color space?

Plex doesn’t read all formats, as I said before, I have the supersonic edition of Akira (24bits/192kHz) there is no passthrough for this format. Plex is kinda handy but far from perfect. The only thing I really like is the possibility to continue to play a movie in other devices like Netflix. And they way that Plex organize movies/tv show/music is really anoying…

But I really want to know this Roku player.


“WD got creamed by Roku and Chromecast. Roku with free Plex can do want 95% of the streamers out there want.”

Maybe, but why? I have had Roku since it came out, but got a WDTV because of what the Roku still can’t do, and that is play quality, hi-bit rate videos made from DVDs and BDs. I am on my second generation Chromecast and still have trouble finding a good use for it. As for PLEX, I have the NAS hardware to really make it sing, but if find it defines “bloatware”. I don’t have the time or patience to muddle through its overkill GUI. I want to get to the movie, fast.

So these devices didn’t kill the WDTV, if there is any truth in your comment, it is that the majority of people don’t want to decrypt DVDs nor make MKVs or make Handbrake mp4s for tablet use anymore. People who do this (like us) are in the minority today. Most people want to buy streaming videos from Apple, Amazon, and Netflix, or use the “Network for Dummies”, to stream DLNA, to watch stuff on their Smart TVs.

No kidding, that was kind of my point, I have not done that in 10+ years.[quote=“iMilazzo, post:11, topic:156664”]
This product has been dead for 2 years.And still have the one of best picture quality of all the media players in the market

Does the WD support 4k? Of course not, they gave up on this product before 4k existed. News flash…Roku supports 4k.

News flash…Roku supports 4k.

Roky support YCbCr color space? 24p? I don’t have anything 4k, my TV is a Panasonic VT60, one of the best images better than a lot of 4k TV and it is only 1080p, I don’t need 4k with no quality.

Well swell, your discontinued TV should work just super with your discontinued WDTV! Enjoy!