Great Drive with a stinky and possibly toxic case

This WD passport drive (USB 3, sata drive) is as fast as lightning when used in an USB 3 port. Amazing speeds and the best portable external drive I have owned to date at a reasonable price.

I have owned Toshiba, Seagate, and Western Digital drives and to date, I have never had any problems with WD. 

I have a desktop external My Book home edition 1TB drive from WD for three years now and still runs like a champion.

The only thing I didn’t like was the case. It is made of a synthetic rubber probably neoprene and has an overpowering chemical smell to the point that the case cannot be used. I almost passed out from the smell and I am afraid to bring the case home in the presence of my children.


I have one in my hands now and it does not smell anything like the one you mentioned

Being brand new, the synthetic rubber case was tightly sealed in a plastic bag. To me, it seemed as if WD vacuum sealed the plastic bag in which the case was in. It was extremely difficult to open the plastic bag. As soon as, I opened the plastic bag, an overpowering chemical smell was released which made me almost faint. It has been 3 days now and while the chemical smell is not as strong as it was initially, there is still a strong chemical smell to it and that is after I left it outside for a day to air it out.

I have to say WD as the best customer service out of all the various hard drive companies. I just want to say thank you to Alfred for the incredible service he provided. This experience has reminded why I have remained a loyal WD customer. No one can beat WD’s customer service and the experience they provide to their customers. WD replaced my drive cover in a quick, timely manner which was absolutely painless.

Thank goodness for WD!