Great customer service!

Just wanted to relate my experience with Western Digital’s great customer service. 

I had a 2TB Elements drive that started reporting errors shortly after the 1yr warranty had expired.  Since I bought the drive with my discover card they automatically double the warranty period.  I started to go thru the claim procedure with them and had to contact WD to get a manufacturer’s approved repair/replacement estimate.  When I emailed WD, they replied that they don’t give out costs like that and then proceeded to tell me to send it in to them and they would replace it!  Needless to say I was floored.

Got the RMA and sent the drive in.  Turn-around was about 1 day once they received the drive and they sent it out UPS 2nd day air!

When the drive arrived I was again pleasantly surprised.  They sent me a BRAND NEW 2TB My Book Essential that has the new USB 3.0 interface!

Great service WD - you have a customer for life!!

Wow, nice, good for then. Honestly, I was afraid that I was one of the few that did not have a bad experience with WD and a RMA.