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Ho acquistato un wd mycloud gen2 12tb. ho bisogno di creare una mia “discoteca” in quanto appassionato di musica. ho circe 3tb di musica da immagazzinare nel my cloud. quando vado ad inserire i file, automaticamente i dati vengono inviati su cartella my music" ma, non riesco ad inserire più di 200gb. come posso fare per creare cartella totale della mia discografia?
grazie per qualsiasi aiuto.

Per google translate :

I bought a wd mycloud gen2 12tb. I need to create my own “disco” because I am passionate about music. I have 3tb of music to store in my cloud. when I go into the files, the data is automatically sent to my music folder, "but I can not insert more than 200gb. How can I create a full folder of my discography?
thanks for any help.

but I can not insert more than 200gb

What computer/OS are you using?

How are you writing files to the MyCloud?

I would recommend using the file manager of your computer, rather than any WD Apps. I would recommend mapping the MyCloud shares as network drives under your operating system’s file system.

What is the file structure of your music? I would recommend a hierarchical structure:

[root directory]/Album Artist/Album/Track

I have more than 65k tracks, mostly FLACs, totalling about 2TB. So it is possible.
You may have trouble if you put all your files in one flat directory.

I would also recommend a media manager, such as MediaMonkey or MusicBee for the PC. Connect to the MyCloud music library as a network drive, NOT using the DLNA media server.

when I go into the files, the data is automatically sent to my music folder,

What ‘music folder’ are you talking about? Are you confusing the Twonky DLNA media server ‘folders’ with the file server?

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Second gen single bay My Cloud with 12TB? Are you sure you have a single bay My Cloud device and not a My Cloud Mirror or My Cloud Home?

As I understand it the single bay/single drive My Cloud units only went as high as 8TB capacity.

If you have a My Cloud Mirror see the following subforum for the Mirror device:

For the My Cloud Home units see the following subforum(s):

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