GRaid drive & partitioning for Time Machine


Hi All, I have a new iMac and a GRaid 12tb drive. I want to set up the GRaid with Raid 1 and partition it with 2tb for Time Machine and balance 4tb as a working media drive. I’m a little fuzzy on the procedure and sequence of events.

  1. Do I need to download the GTech utility to set up Raid 1?
  2. After setting up Raid 1 do I use the Mac Disk Utility to partition the drive?

Should mention I’m a long time PC user that is making the move to Mac so Apple terminology is a little new.

Thanks for any help.


Depending on which version of the G-RAID you have the configuration is different. If you have one with TB and USB on it then you can use the configurator to change it to RAID1. The process then is to just erase it as one large Volume. You don’t want to partition RAID volumes.

Our recommendation if you wish to use a drive for Time Machine then it is best to use an entirely different drive. G-RAID for storage/working drive and another for backup.