Graid Blue screening PC

I have a Graid 12TB with Thunderbolt and it is crashing the PC when switched on, it does this on both PC’s and a Mac Book, any idea what the issue is I presume the controller card is at fault, I took the drives out and tried them in an older Graid I can then see the individual drives but not the striped raid.


The chassis could be the issue if it is causing similar issues across multiple systems. The device should have a Chassis SN on it, with it you can create an RMA on our website if it is still within warranty and we can replace just the enclosure. You would keep the drives and trays and all accessories. Just send in the chassis alone.

RMA Creation

Thanks for your quick response Rydia, thats my feeling too I think its the card in the chassis. I will create an RMA. Cheers Chris.