GRaid 20TB Thunderbolt3: Drive type & cost / Thunderbolt3 Cable Max Length

1 What exact brand & model drives are used in 20TB G-Raid Thunderbolt 3 ( 0G05763 )?

2 Does G-Tech sell these specific 10TB drives & what is the COST?

3 Can you provide me link to purchase these 10TB drives?

4 Can different MODEL and-or SIZE drives be installed in the G-Raid 20TB Thunderbolt3 if I have a failure in the future beyond warranty?

5 How long is the thunderbolt 3 cable that ships with G-Raid 20TB Thunderbolt 3?

6 Does G-Tech offer LONGER Thunderbolt 3 cables for G-Raid 20TB Thunderbolt3 & what lengths are offered?

7 What is the MAX LENGTH Thunderbolt 3 cable that can be used with the G-Raid 20TB thunderbolt 3 without affecting performance?



  1. They are HGST Ultrastar 10TB drives.
  2. You can buy spare modules for the G-RAIDs Spare 10TB module
  3. Link in previous answer.
  4. You can place other drives in as well, however they are tested only with the drives that are shipped in them.
  5. Approx 1 meter.
  6. We don’t offer any other cables, it is just the cable that comes with the device.
  7. Usually about 3 meters is a good range and not worry about degradation.

Thanks v much! Richie