GPL Nightmare. HELP

Hi guys,

I had an earlier version installed (2.04.13). Then decided to upgrade to 2.07.17, but evidently did it from the wrong WD location and actually probably downloaded some GPL source code.

Now I have the GPL firmware launcher screen of death, and cannot do anything aside from ejecting USBs. I tried to download roll back versions but does not appear to work (the files are not being read). Any suggestion before I give up and buy a new one?


Check your warranty on WD’s site, you’ll be able to replace it and save the cash of buying a new unit.

What exactly is the ‘GPL firmware launcher screen of death’. What does it say?

A few other folks have done the same thing, but were able to recover by using the correct firmware.   Try searching GPL in this subforum to see what others did.

If WD chooses to replace it under warranty, they’re being kind…  The GPL firmware page specifically says that it’ll void your warranty of you install it…

Warning! This is the GPL source code. This is NOT the firmware for the device. If you use this source code to update the device, it will be treated as a third party user-modified firmware…Using third party or user-modified firmware will cause malfunction and will void your product warranty.

It also says on the GPL page.

  1. If you upgrade to the GPL Firmware, a “Warning” message will appear. Please read it carefully and recognize the risks before you proceed to next step.

  2. If you are sure you want to upgrade the GPL Firmware, press “OK” and the upgrade process will begin shortly. Otherwise, press “Cancel”.