Got the hub.. what prep work should i do first on my media

Hi, i now an owner of the HUB so can’t wait to finish work so i can start playing.

Given there some very talented people in here, i want to learn by there experiece so would like to know some Do’s & Don’ts before i get to stuck in.

My Movies are currently in seperate folders (in side MyMovies), the folders are name… Movie (year), eg  Puss in Boots (2011).

the actual file might be named something like Puss In Boots - 720p x264.mkv

TV Shows are formatted into Show Name Folder/ Season 0x/ showname - [01x01] - title.avi


TV Shows / The Big Bang Theory / Season 05/ Big Bang - [05x01] - The Skank Reflex Analysis.avi

Now i downloaded Thumbgen but i can’t work out what i should be selected/deselecting in there, ie in Options/General there loads of options under Generate.

I really like the Themes in here so i want to use these straight away…so hence i want the above to be right to get these Moviesheet looking ace.

So what are you people using to get your Media into shape ready to be movied to the HUB

all advice accepted :slight_smile:

If You understand some basics and you have knowledge beyond that you can customize anything how you want it. Thumbgen at first seems a bit overwhelming. Just remeber in the ouput files all them weird icon are just codes to what the output naming will look like.

I do not do movie sheets but I use thumgen for 2 things I use it for TW cover boxes for the thumbnails and I use it to creat a TGMD file so in the future if I want to do changes I don’t have to go one by one movie I can load all the movies by that file. I used to use it for the XML but the date of movie is messed up and now I use the hubs get content as it does the date correctly and it puts a trailer in with the info. I have even went online and gotten better trailers and put them in the spot. Like I said there are alot of ways to do things with the hub

As Far as XML goes you can pretty much open this file and change whatever you want I would say the biggest example is when you get info on a movie that starts with The it will sort in the T’s I like mine to be changed So I change the title information keep in mind when you do this you have to clear media libraries and recompile for the changes to take effect.

Thumbnails needs to be named moviename.jpg if you do not like alot of clutter when viewing from a computer you can put a . in front of that and it will hide it if you have the correct setting on a pc

All my media is on the root of my drives I use no folders with the exeption of Tv shows then I have them by show then season then inside episodes or the actual files. You will run into a problem getting info for these on the hubs get info if they are not named pretty exect I think The Big Bang Theory S01E01 that will get you there I used TonyPh Tv show scraper for these and it works with the correct dating I just don’t like the thumbs it creats they don’t fit the given box that the hub allows. However if you are doing moviesheets this won’t bew a problem.

If you use the hub to get infoo whether it be movies or tv shows if it does not find it you can scroll to the right and type in a search sometimes this in necessary for me when I use The at the end of a title.

Hope this is enough to get you started and I hope others will follow and help with movie sheets

thanks TM.

When i downloaded TG i says you can use templates in it… do i need to take a theme from here and put it into TG to make it generate the correct images.?

I don’t yet understand how to take a Theme from here and apply it? as looking at TG it creates  a background image with all the images / film info / audio/video badges laid out as an image. so how would this work if i used a different theme to the default of TG?