Got the 3tb mycloud running, but have the IP issue

Well I think I have mycloud working, but I’m having the issue of the IP changing every so often and then the shortcuts on desktop stop working, and remote access stops.  I’m running a Dlink DIR 651 router with cable internet.  So, what is the best way to handle this, switch to static IP’s?  Doesn’t help that every so often we have to reset our modem, ongoing issue with comcast over it.   I have read some posts saying to leave the IP as dynamic, while others say switch to static, etc.  Suggestions for a not so well versed user of the IT realm?

I personally have set my mycloud to a static IP.  It makes it easier (IMO) to get to the webgui and ssh with a static IP instead of relying on the name of the device (NAT).

To set your mycloud to a static IP you would have to tell your router (Dlink) to assign the specific IP address to the specific MAC address of the mycloud so your router would still be a DHCP server for all addresses that are not reserved.  

I’m not familiar with the dlink as I use netgear mostly but the process should be the same.  Log into your router, find the option along the lines of “address reservation” or “IP reservation”.  There should be a table or a button to add to that table.  From there it should be straightforward.

I’m time crunched while writing this but feel free to reply if you can’t get it going.