GOT NEW TV.. but folder covers look pixeld

sup all…

had my hub since first daY it came out… been using  mojo theme on a 32 inch tub tv :frowning:

finally got a 46 inch flat scr. looks awsome !

my folder icons seem to look pixeld now… i have  tried all the types that have been posted here. (glare folder ect ect)

any chance theres somthing i can do to make them look a little clearer…

******also … if i wanted to switch themes (like moviesheet theme) do i have to delete the .png and.xml that i  am using with mojo’s theme and recreate new onces in  thumbgen?

TIA !! GUY UR THE BEST !!!:wink:


The problem is that the HUB handles folder thumbnails differently than it handles file thumbnails.  This has been discussed many times and has been requested to be fixed. 

And yes, if you change your theme to a moviesheet theme, you will have to change your .pngs (since getting moviesheets to display is a trick and you’ll need to replace the thumbnails with moviesheets).  Also, using moviesheets will not fix your folder thumbnail issue.

thanks for info… will stick with (yours) mojo’s theme i love it any ways. looks so nice on a big scr now.



hopefully they impliment the requests to have folder render the same as covers and allow true png support. This will improve the folder images drastically.

yes folder icons are a major complaint of most users, please vote up my request for WD to change it.