Got my self a WDTV on craiglist

Hello, i bought a wdtv on craiglist and i would like to know how to identify if i have wdtv live, live plus, live hd or whatever models there are.

Thank you

By the MODEL NUMBER on the sticker or the On-Screen UI via the “About” section.

You can compare that part number with the part numbers here:

(Hover over the images to see the Model Numbers.)

Thanks a lot but none of  the part number match, i have WDAAN0000NBK and the closest one is WDBAAN0000NKB.

On the UI it says WD TV Live HD Media Player

Yeah, that’s right.  That’s the original WDTV live, circa 2009.

TY. i got it for 20 bucks with wireless dongle included. I’m new to all this but i’ve been reading around and noticed that on certain models you can install moviesheets, dou you know if mine supports it?

No, it does not.