Got my 3 tb my book live today, also going to get a gigabit router, should i wait to install it?

hi lads or lasses, just got my new My book live today, after i ordered it i realised my router is 10/100 on the LAN outputs, so i am going to get a 10/100/1000 router which will be far more suitable for gigabit my book live.

so please may i ask, is it better for me to NOT install my My Book Live UNTIL i get a new Router ?. or is it easy to change the router after installing it with another router ?

PS, i have an Apple Mac Book Pro with Lion !


It shouldn’t matter which order you install them in. Remember though, if you connect wirelessly, you will most likely be limited by the wireless connection, not by the speed of your LAN port on the router.

wow thanks for that quick reply Tony, that does clear up my query, thanks

i was thinking that with a gigabit wireless router and the gigabit MBL any transfers from my wireless mac book pro to my wireless gigabit MBL would be lot quicker than the Internet coming in from my cable modem to my router.

or perhaps i have something wrong ?


You will always be faster on a wired connection … Period.

Wireless N is theoretically up to 450mbps, however you will never really get that.

thanks yet again for your valued advice.