Got a refurbished drive as replacement

Is it normal that WD gives a refurbirshed HDD as a replacement for a RMAed NEW HDD?

I got one and it failed in a few months and now WD doesnt want to replace it.

Are you sure the disk is still under warranty? You can confirm on the link below.


If it’s a new drive… and was RMA’ed then of course it is under warranty. People are entitled to the warranty of the original drive.

The fact that WD or any manufacturer sends out refurbished drives for warranty claims is an absolute disgrace. They never ever last more than a few months.

If it’s a new drive, I would go back to the place I bought it and probably get a new drive if it’s within 1 week. After a week, I’m on my own, i.e. claim warranty through WD. Varies between countries.

The last time I RMA’d with WD, I got a reconditioned drive and the warranty was transferred to the new drive. It lasted me almost 2 years till now, so I (am glad) didn’t get to try RMA it again.

I don’t think they’d give a new drive for an old one, but I’d be happy getting a new one rather than a repaired one :slight_smile:

I just got a new one as a replacement.  I was surpirsed because a  competing company gave me a refurbished when it’s product RMA’d. If you read the terms of service I believe it’s entirely the manufacturer’s option to do either new or refurbished. Refurbished is mechanically considered the same as new when strict QA standards are applied.  But, unfortunantly for re sale, “new” is pecieved better and thereefore of higher value.  Just wanted to add my 2 cents.  I can afford that at least.