Got a new router - now My Cloud says "relay connection established"

I decided to put my Verizon DSL gateway in bridge mode and got a separate TP-Link Archer C1200 router, because the Actiontec gateway has a memory leak causing it to reboot when memory useage gets high.

My My Cloud works fine, but it says a relay connection is established. I’m still able to access, use all the apps, and also WD Sync works on my work computer the same as it always has. Should I be concerned about this? I have tried a few things with port forwarding but I really don’t know a whole lot about what I’m doing. UPnP is enabled on the TP-Link. The DSL gateway is serving no purpose aside from acting as a modem now, the DHCP server is on the TP-Link.

The only difference is it will be slower as the data is going via the WD servers instead of you connecting directly to your NAS, you will have to sort out the port forwarding on your TP-Link to get the direct connect working again.

My DSL line is only 3 Mbps down, 768 kbps up, so perhaps I won’t even notice it in the meantime!

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So it was fairly easy to configure…seems to be working fine now! (Although I did not notice any performance difference with the relay connection).