Google Play work with MBLD?

Searched the threads but haven’t seen any discussion on this

Does the MBLD work with Google Play?  I downloaded the google music player on my laptop and when I go to add the library I’m not sure how to map/point it at the shared music folder on my MBLD.  Any ideas?

Ideally I’d like to host all of my music on my MBLD and stream it out.  I can do this via iTunes but sometimes prefer to use Google Play while I’m at work.  

Thanks ahead of time

Google Play stores its files in the Google cloud, so you can’t point it to your MLBD for cloud play. You can import to the Google cloud from your MLBD, though; and quite easy, actually, if you already have your iTunes set up to manage your music files. The Google Music program on a PC even syncs your iTunes playlists.

sounds good thanks axeh for the feedback!

The WD2GO Android app should do what you want.