Google home integration?

Hello. I was wondering if anyone has integrated google home with my cloud? Primarily looking at it to ask google home to play music stored on my cloud within same wifi network.

I do this all the time. All you need is a mobile app that finds your My Cloud and you can send it from, for example, an iPad to the Google Home via google cast. I use the app Music Streamer on an iPad/phone to do this. I even can cast to a Chromecast stick.

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That is understood. I too use an app where I can stream it from my cloud to chromecast. What I am looking at is to be able to tell google home as in. … ok google play so and so from my cloud on chromecast. … Hope I have made it clear?

Only Amazon Alexa and Plex have this capability. but it is kludgy and not quite ready for prime time yet.

How about streaming (casting) audio from MyCloud to Google Home. I am able to see the Chromecast in cast drop down but not my Google Home…

I already told you above, I use an iOS app called Music Streamer to do this! Read my comments above

Great app thanks. Now revisiting all my cd’s through the app. Easy to install and use too.

Glad you like it. Since I posted these tips, Alexa and Plex started working together fine, So I use it more often to say, “Alexa, ask Plex to play some music” and off it goes playing random tracks from my NAS to whatever device I selected.

Just installed BubbleUPNP and was easily able to connect my WDMycloud music folder and stream it to my Google Home. I didn’t have to change any settings, just looked at devices, found WD drive, select music folder, artist name, then hit play. After it starts hit the stream icon in the lower right corner and choose the name of the Ghome device.