Google Drive Sync not working

Google drive sync is not syncing. Got a quarter of the way thru my content and never finished. Move the synced files out, stop and restarted sync and no files at all? This is the whole reason I purchased the My Cloud Home device to have a backup of my Google drive locally. And yes I waited 24 hours and not 1 file.

@bryantrichar Did you receive a Sync Failed message?
If not, the sync process is still running and if you Stop and Start the Sync, it will process the entire Google Drive from the begining.


  • Stop Google Drive Sync
  • Disable Cloud Services on the MCH
  • Rename the Google Drive folder on the MCH
  • Open a web browser
  • Sign in to Google Drive
  • Sign out of Google Drive
  • Enable Cloud Services on the MCH
  • Configure Google Drive

A new Google Drive folder will be created and content start to sync again.

Deleted the drive and re-added then the sync completed.

Google Drive Sync stopped working for me. I tried these steps still no success.

@kalekaramit updated the solution steps - please try again

I think your problem is in this post from 2017. I recommend you should go there and read comments to look for solutions.