Google drive on the WD My Cloud?

I just got my WD.  We want to establish a network drive that we can access in the field; need met!

However, we also want a separate backup to prevent loss of data that can automatically update.  My logical track is what if I can put my google drive on my WD network drive??

Google will handle the backup need automatically, my data files will never be over 100gb, as we archive to DVD when files are done.

Anyone doing this?  Is it or will it work?  Is there a potential hazard I am missing?  If this works, we won’t have to remember backup processes again! yay!

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Hi tloganm, currently the option to automatically backup the My Cloud files to Google drive is not supported, you can suggest any ideas in the Personal Cloud Ideas board.

You might be interested in the safepoint option to automatically backup your files.  

How to create a Safepoint backup of a WD My Cloud Personal Cloud drive on another device