Google Drive in Smartware

My suggestion is:

I would like to see Google Drive in Smartware as both a backup source and backup target just like Dropbox is.

I personally use Google Drive more than Dropbox and would like to set it as a regular backup job.


‘Leave me in the dark aqnd I will find the light’


Would love the ability to tansfer my Google Drive content to my MyCloud Drive so I can shut down my google drive.

@alarmingfriend To transfer it once seems no problem to me. Install Google Drive for Windows, which will create a Google Drive folder in your Explorer synchronizing with your Google Drive in the cloud, then dump the content of that folder to your network drive and hey presto, now you can delete the Google Drive folder from your local machine and from the cloud if you must do that…

@papadadio Me too, would love to see Google Drive as a source for backup to the network drive.