Google connectivity

Is there any way to link a google smart speaker to mycloud in order to play media stored upon it?

Have you asked Google…?

These things are really intended as service provision portals. So your Google Home device is really intended to play Google Music, thus earning Google more money. Support for streaming your own music isn’t a priority, because it doesn’t earn Google any money.

Ditto Amazon, Apple things,

Gotta milk those vertical integration options!

I mean, supporting industry standard ways of accessing remote media collections with standardized protocols, like DLNA, just does not make accounting and corporate happy the way that vendor lock-in with a walled garden does!

I mean, just imagine if you could put shoutcast stream sources as playlist options! Why, somebody could add iHeartRadio stations, without an inter-company agreement, and that would anger the lawyers!

Features like those are dangerous, and customers should not know that these exist. I mean, how else can we convince people into additional charges, repurchasing media they already own, and herding them through our maze of tracking and advertising revenue generators!?

/Dripping, corrosive sarcasm about these big players in general.

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