Google :1 - WD : 0

I installed the new 2.02.32 (8/11/2014) firmware on my WD TV LIVE.

All went well, and I began to think a miracle whas happening, as I ever have had network problems with my WD TV live.

I began to look a 1080p video through the wifi, using the Plex Upnp server.

Video was perfect … during 17 ’ only unfortunately.

Then I got only random images, and had to stop the experiment and poweroff the WD TV Live.

I just powered on my chromecast, run Chrome on my PC, opened the Plex web page , that proposed me to go on looking the video where WD TV hung, and could see the full video in fulll HD 1080p on my TV through Chromecast.

Definitely, wifi network is bad with the WDTV.

How are you viewing Plex on the TV Live? I did not think there was Plex support thru an app?

I installed Plex on my PC to have access to my local videos from Chromecast following this howto :

On WDTV, when I select the “Media Server” source, Plex appears (and also Windows 8 built-in server, and others installed Upnp servers I installed like Serviio and Universal Media Server). Selecting Plex gives access to the directories that have been registered for Plex access, and I can select a video on the PC disk to play with the WD TV. Unfortunately, as explained, the WIFI connection (wifi N 150 Mb/s) that works fine with Chromecast and my others devices stays unstable with WD TV, even with the last FW.

Oh u are using dlna.

Why not just play the local video files by shareing their directory out over the WiFi? EDIT:  Because u are comparing Chromecast dlna to WdTV Live I guess.

PS: I have never used Plex or dlna so I am not saying u doing anything wrong, I am just intrigued at your complex solution.

Because windows shares are a nightmare with my WDTV, I stopped using them (network problems). And since I bought the Chromecast I also stopped using WDTV for viewing videos.  I just use it to stream the music from my PC  to my old music amplifier using the composite cable (chromecast has only HDMI), using the windows 8 “Play to” feature. But even with music this is not perfect and sometimes the connection between the PC and the WD TV fails.

Wow u broke windows file sharing! I think u should upgrade to xp. Works fine for me… :laughing:

I had no end of lost media library errors with last but one firmware so went back to 1.16 in Feb and stayed there until the August release. Which fixed all this, for me, but then broke some mp4 video playing.